Michael Margolis’s, Get Storied session at Blog World Expo in New York City hit a home run with his session.

Michael focused on how readers look at “about me” page on websites and blogs. Unfortunately, I haven’t changed it yet as of this writing, but I realize that my next project must be rewriting my “about me” page.

During his session he engaged the audience to laugh at ourselves. He made us realize that we have made a major mistake allowing others to have a very different perception of who we are. Practically everyone in the room had written their “about me” page in third party.

He stated the obvious that we all have ignored. That is, anyone reading an “about me” page on a blog knows that this page has been written by the owner of the blog. It makes no sense to have the page written in third party style, in fact it even makes it impersonal which is opposite of what we are trying to achieve with our blogs.

Fortunately, he didn’t leave us stranded, but instead provided some very good strategies and techniques to paint a better more welcoming picture.

It’s through story-telling even on our “about me” page that we are able to better connect with our readers.

I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but I now realize that updating my page will make me a better writer.

Michael made another significant point. He asked us how many people even have a resume today. Very few people still hold a resume as pointed out by a show of hands, which were few, in the audience.

The new resume is really the personal biography, usually found on the “about me” page.

Let’s face it, you apply for a job and the first thing human resources does is Google your name to see who you are, what you’re up to and where you’ve been.

Michael is dead on at making the “about me” page your biography for prospective employers or anyone else that would have previously sought a resume from you.

Michael made a significant contribution to the Blog World Expo by giving a valuable session.

If you would like to learn more about Michael Margolis and his book Believe Me, visit http://www.believemethebook.com or http://www.getstoried.com . It will be worth your time in doing so.