I've said it many times; you can't get rich when you have debt.

Look, we already know that you have to be responsible with managing your money to pay down debt. Many of us ignore it because we don't want to know how bad our debt is, but until we face our fear, we can't tackle the problem.

We shouldn't fear it because fear is almost never as bad as we think and when we confront our fears, we actually feel empowered and our able to move forward developing a sense of control over our life. That's a very powerful feeling!

It takes a long time to go through the bills to get a grasp on where we're at, but wouldn't it be great to have a program that already knew our debts? All we would have to do is write the checks or use online payments to pay our bills….

What if this system knew what our credit report looked like and kept us up to date on how much we owed automatically? No more digging through our bills.

I don't know about you, but when I'm managing my credit, I will pull my credit score often, and that can get expensive unless you have an unlimited plan, but what if that system included pulling our credit score as often as we wanted?

I'm sure you've had people tell you to do a debt roll up, where you pay extra on one bill and then when it's paid off you roll the money to the next debt and so on? You still have to list all your bills out and that can take quite a bit of time. Then you have to decide which bill you're going to pay off first.

I sure would like a tool like that, and I think you would too! A tool that automatically populated my debts, listing them out and then selected which one to pay heavy on first. The only concern I would have is a third party having access to my credit report, but what if the company that offered this program was the credit bureau?

Guess what! This product exists, it's new, it's from the company that we get our credit report from and it's affordable. You can even get a 30 day trial!

Try out Equifax Debt Wise