Are you wondering how to get found  in your town? Specify where you're at in your keyword phrase. After all, why would you want someone to come to your site from Anchorage, AK if you're marketing to Cedar Rapids, IA?

Search Engines know where your audience is searching from. If they are searching for Cameras, the local camera shops are likely to come up first. If your post is about “Nikon Cameras” you're not likely to rank, but if your post is about “Nikon Cameras in Cedar Rapids”, chances are, you'll rank for people searching in your geographical area.

If your customer base in Cedar Rapids, IA, make sure you have your address on your site. I'm amazed at how many businesses, that are local, that don't have their address online, even if it's a mailing address.

Use your city or town in your post titles often. Make your city part of the relevant search of your blog and you'll get found by people who want your products or services.

Marketing online is likely the best strategy you can use to build your business long-term. That's because consumers are, more than ever, researching their purchases online before buying. If you're local and you have what consumers want, you're likely to get the sale.

I remember searching for a video game, last Christmas season. Nobody had this video game in stock, and Christmas Eve was the next day. I searched online and found it thirty miles away in a small town. If a business had it in a closer place, I would have went to that store instead. I got in my car, and drove the thirty miles to get it.

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