Here’s how to connect with top online marketers in one central location. You will walk away overwhelmed with your new found friendships and will be able to take your business to next level when you learn how to remove roadblocks that may have been holding you back.

I’m talking about investing in yourself and your business by attending Affiliate Summit East, the premier conference for the affiliate marketing industry.

Everyone in the industry is very welcoming to newcomers. They don’t see you as competition. What other industry would you be able to connect with top influential marketing gurus? The industry as a whole is extremely interested in strengthening

Very few people have such a big ego in the industry, and quite frankly, there are so many really great people, if you find one, you just move on. They won’t last long anyway, because this industry is all about relationships.

Because it’s about relationships, it’s critical that you get the opportunity to let the top people meet you face to face. When they see that you’re a real genuine person, they are more likely to have conversations with you online.

Before you plan your opportunity to meet, you want to do some homework and learn as much as you can about the people you are about to meet. You may find that somebody you thought you wanted to meet really doesn’t share a common interest, and another person who you would have passed by is really the one you want to connect with.

The first time I attended Affiliate Summit, I went without business cards. I wanted to observe, but had I done my homework, I would have had a better idea of who I wanted to connect with.

The second time, I traveled with business cards and tried to talk to everyone I could get a chance to talk to. That didn’t seem to be as efficient as I wanted either. I used the list of vendors to make notes, which caused many of them to remember me. They had not seen somebody taking so many notes, booth by booth.

Recently, I attended Blog World Expo in New York City. This time, I didn’t use my notes to hit every booth. Instead, I had made my plan on what and who I wanted to see before attending. I only missed one person that I really wished I had connected with. Not bad, for a first time at that show.

I then traveled to Chicago to attend the last half of Shareasale Remix. That was a great event; it was intimate so I got a chance to spend some serious time with some really key industry people. I was able to make myself known.

As I prepare to cover the Affiliate Summit East coming in New York City, I realized that I have an incredible opportunity. This time, I’m going to be writing about each speaker leading up to the show, as well as other influential people and businesses that are going to be there.

This will allow me to focus on areas I want to excel at while giving you an introduction to who you might find there if you choose to attend. I highly recommend you do, especially if you have a business and are just learning about what affiliate marketing can do for you.

I hope you enjoy my reviews of industry Icons and influential marketing gurus. I’m sure it will be valuable to you.