Once again, I am launching into Genesis and reading the Bible Cover-to-Cover. My goal is not to dissect my reading, but to read straight through. My reasoning is keeping the Bible in perspective and context.

Genesis in itself is a book that is intense, giving us the beginning, and then going into several stories that are relevant to life today. The issues happening in Genesis are issues that are happening in everyday life.

If you think the Bible is not relevant, and it is outdated, you might want to try reading it cover-to-cover. I think you will find that the issues are connected, and we don't have to change what we believe the Bible says in exchange for what it means.

Probably the most challenging part of Genesis for me is the most challenging part of other books in the Bible. Genesis gets the Geanology going in several different chapters, something I would prefer not to read, but do as I want to complete reading the Bible in entirety for a second time.

Genesis deals with Abraham, known formerly as Abram, and his struggles as he is sent out into new lands. We are sent out into places and situations beyond what we know, that is not comfortable. We have discoveries to make so that we can make better communities around us.

We are, like Abraham, fighting enemies that cross our path, and cause struggles for us in almost every situation we encounter. We have to deal with adversity especially as we grow in our walk with Christ. Not only ours but those who are also walking close to us.

One thing of interest is that the years that people lived during the beginning times. What if time was measured differently, or if people did live hundreds of actual calendar years? Some will doubt that someone could live that long, but with God anything is possible.

There are places where we find blameless men in the Bible, Job being one of my favorites, but the first is Abraham. That does not mean that either man is without sin; they both sinned, as no human is capable of being sinless.

Most people don't think of all the bad things that are happening in the Bible, but right from the start, the Bible addresses all sorts of sinful acts. Things that again, we deal with today, and cause so much pain. The Old Testament contains numerous grueling issues that are addressed by the coming of Christ.

One of the most gut-wrenching is when God tests Abraham demanding he takes his son to the mountain to sacrifice him. Abraham did as God commanded, and as he was ready to drive the knife through his son, an Angel stopped him, letting him know Abraham is loyal to God.

We learn right from the start that God does test us. He wants to see the loyalty in us, and he will keep us from harm, although he will allow us to struggle so that we know his greatness and caring for us. He wants us to be loyal to Him, and not of earthly things.

Genesis is a great read, that is challenging and way beyond creation. There is so much more, as I have yet to even mention Joseph's journey which is also in Genesis. I hope you'll open up your Bible and start reading Genesis today.