There's nothing like getting started on a new business, and being able to hit that point where you are able to gain momentum. It's the moment after the initial excitement has worn off, and you are finally getting past the struggles of trying to figure out how to make it work out. Finally, the momentum has taken you to having a burning desire to make your business work, because you know you can and you're on to something.

That time for me is right about now, I have been working on learning the online marketing strategies for the last couple of years, and while I have made some good headway, I haven't been to the point I am at right now, where I know that success is going to be building steam and the rewards are about to come.

There are many entrepreneurs who have almost gotten to this point and have chosen to either quit or sell out. They didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel and they didn't do their homework quite like they should.

Every entrepreneur has that moment however only a few are willing to do whatever it takes to push through that barrier. For me, I have never been one to just quit, I keep going and I know I am close when someone says, “What are you going to do?” and I say, “I don't quite know but I will think of something!” and then not too long after that, I usually approach the person that asked the question and I am a able to say, “this is something and it's great!”

Having momentum is a required component to whatever entrepreneurs do as we are often very impatient, and the ability to keep trying is what ultimately lets us find our way.

So I say to all the entrepreneurs who are struggling, the next time someone asks you “What are you going to do?” Just tell them that you will think of something and remind them of what it is when you do!