Focusing blog posts can be a difficult task. Add on to it that I'm adult ADHD and we've got a recipe for what could be a disaster. Yet somehow I have managed to blog for many years and it would seam my posts are getting better, at least I think they are, you might differ.

A while back, I had read where Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger commented on his blog being too all over the map. He would lose his audience because they only wanted to read about specific topics and didn't want the rest. He ultimately moved to having multiple blogs which helped him to become the success he is today.

That's why I'm also moving to writing more focused blog posts by creating new sites on topics that I've done well with in my personal blog.

You might think this is creating more work for me, but it's actually liberating because with the new sites, I can have other people help me that may have more expertise on a specific aspect of the topic. They aren't about me, they are about the subject at hand.

I've learned quite a bit while building this site, so much so that I'm able to compress the time it takes to launch a new site on another subject. Essentially, the learning curve has been substantially reduced.

Put those two reasons together and it only makes sense that having multiple blogs will actually be easier. Add to it the opportunity to have more visible virtual real estate and it is a clear win for me, for you and for everyone else that wants specific information.

John Chow and many other online marketers have suggested that having a site under your personal name is not a good idea. What if someone wanted to buy your blog? You're not likely to sell your personal name domain and the buyer is not likely to want to buy that domain either.

As you can tell by now, having multiple sites is just a better strategy to make money online!