Entrepreneurs are always trying to improve whatever they are working on and finding it difficult to accept “good enough is good enough”. It's a natural tendency but we have to fight the urge to perfect what works well. When you find the sweet spot, remember, “Good enough is good enough!”

That's where focusing on money making products and services become the entrepreneur's number one priority. We need to give our customers exactly what they expect to receive when they expect to receive it if we want to make the most profit on our time and dollars invested.

FedEx has mastered this model. They know that they have to deliver every package when the customer expects to receive it. They also know not to deliver it before that time, even if the package gets to the local terminal early.

If they were to deliver early, they may risk the customer not being available to accept the package, or even worse ending up in the hands of a wrong person. They understand that being accurate and timely is a key factor to maximizing profits in their company.

We entrepreneurs should learn a valuable lesson that FedEx has delivered by being timely and accurate with our products and services. We want our customers to feel comfortable getting a consistent product or service without excuses and at a value that they feel good about.

When we deliver a consistent hassle free product, we are able to charge more than the competition and ultimately do less work while our customers appreciate the value we give.