Focus, Focus, Focus. Narrow your niche when others are expecting something big, you go for the small stuff. The things that most people never bother to pay attention to because it's not important.

Had I done that, there would have never been the types of businesses that I started over the years. They focus on small details in highly fragmented and often saturated markets.

Here I am, once again, focusing on a highly fragmented, extremely saturated marketplace.

The strategy in these types of markets focuses on providing a better product, faster and more efficiently than the competition. And perception is even more important than ever because you have to show your clients that you are capable of delivering.

This strategy is proven to work in past scenarios where I needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, just like I do now. The difference, this time, is that I have the talent, ability, and time to put together something great, and I already have the resources I need to be successful!

So here it is, I'm working on the process of developing new websites, and leveraging online marketing with social media and e-commerce to build an excellent new business for myself.

I should have done this long ago, mainly focusing on the process, because I would be in a better position today. That's ok, I'm doing it now, and this business is not only sustainable, but I also enjoy the whole process and strategy.

I'm working hard to get my website in order, every last page and post. I want my site to be a complete example for potential clients to see that my work is great, exceeding some of the best.

Plus, I have another Ace in my pocket. I happen to be excellent at writing copy that gets massive traffic. It takes a bit more time than writing a blog post to share your thoughts as there is a lot of strategy and skill to convert traffic. I plan on spending quite a bit more time, with this craft.

And then there's one other challenge; that is incredibly important. That's frequently writing, in my case, multiple times a day. Posting daily, IMO, is one of the most important strategies that you may use. And, there are some of you who will adamantly disagree. That's fine, you can do it on your site, I'll stick with what I know is true here.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it and hope you come back often for the latest ideas and strategies that I'll share soon.