The Vault Coworking space located in NewBo(Cedar Rapids) is a huge lifestyle change for me. I've been working from home for the past eight years, with no social interaction.

Now, I am amongst others who are energetic and are committed to living their dreams. This environment is different, as I've never worked around so many people focused on their passions.

From the moment you walk in the door, you feel the intensity of the people who are around you, and yet they are so friendly, willing to take a few moments to interact, and still respecting your space and your focus.

We are amongst people who are equals and focused on their world. So refreshing, so enjoyable, and even so peaceful. A place where everyone is already motivated doesn't need a push, and yet thrives on the energy of others.

A perfect environment for me, as I'm inspired to write more about passions, desires and life. Not hard to do when others around you are willing to live and walk the talk.

The environment is perfect for creativity, imagination and achieving success. For me, I suspect will come better time management, more efficient results and overall greater satisfaction in life.

Vault Coworking amenities in NewBo

And, what's great is not just the emotional state that is obtained working in Vault, but the amenities galore, like the professional kitchen, which features everything you need to cook wonderful meals or the shower you can use after you go for a run or ride on the bike trails nearby.

Foosball and Ping Pong are readily available if you have a challenger for short work breaks and lots of entrepreneurial people who are interested in learning new things about other people.

Then there is the recording studio available for resident members of the Vault, perfect for recording podcasts or even video, and something I am very interested in learning how to use.

NewBo is beginning to get into my blood; I could even see myself taking residence in the area should I be able to find a charming three bedroom home, comfortable enough for my kids and me.

Could this be the coolest move I've made in some time? I think it just may be the case!