Many successful blogs and bloggers exist who make a lot of money writing about topics they are passionate about. You can find many of them in the AdAge Power 150, a list of the top blogs and bloggers in the marketing industry.

Successful blogs are everywhere, some of them don't look successful, but as in everything, looks can be deceiving. Rest Assured, the AdAge Power 150 is a group of highly successful Power Blogs.

No, this blog is not listed not the AdAge Power 150. I haven't asked to be listed. I'm waiting and have some work to do before I decide to list, kind of like waiting for a more successful IPO than Facebook had!

The good news is that I don't need to be listed to make my point. Take a look at whose in the top ten on the Adage Power 150. You've got some very diverse offerings. Ads of the World comes in at number one and then ShoeMoney hits at number with Chris Brogan at number three, fourth is PFSK and fifth is CopyBlogger. Seth's Blog is in Sixth, Social Media Examiner at Seventh, Search Engine Land at eighth, I believe in ADV at ninth and Search Engine Watch at Tenth.

Each blog has a very unique style and personality, so much so that we can clearly see individuality in design and though. Some of them appear very well written, while others are messy and appear to have not used spell checker.

All of them have thousands of posts, which means that you will need to have thousands of posts if you ever expect to hit the top ten of this list. The good news is that it's possible.

I've noticed that many of the blogs break the rules when it comes to search engine optimization. I think they have  carte blanche because of depth, links, and age. Again, years of hard work has privileges.

Now, you can see that it's possible for you and I to have successful blogs. I'm doing the work, how about you?