Alashe Nelson stepped into Shark Tank pitching EZ Vip, a site that allowed people to purchase access to the hottest venues in Miami. The company launched in Las Vegas after the show but appears to have folded as the website fails to load, and there is no new information after 2016.

EZ Vip Stats coming into Shark Tank

EZ Vip net proceeds coming into Shark Tank amounted to $90,000 on revenues of $250,000. He connected with the hottest clubs and hired staff to offer access without worry.

Company: EZ Vip
Entrepreneur: Alashe Nelson
Ask: $150k for 15% equity
Season: Season 3 Episode 301
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec.
First Aired: 1/20/2012
Deal: Deal

EZ Vip offers event tickets, bottle service and even the exact table you want. EZ Vip has event representatives that will walk you into the venue. They are all high-end venues. Once a table is locked in, the table price will not go up if somebody like Mark Cuban walks into the bar.

Alashe Nelson claims EZ Vip has secured contracts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about EZ Vip?

Mark Cuban likes the idea and Alashe. Mark has a hard time connecting with this type of business, and he doesn't know if he could take him to the next level, so he is out.

Daymond John said he always wanted to go clubbing with a Croatian, but he wants 45% and will partner with Robert because of his expertise in technology. Robert says he promises never to be seen in the clubs as part of the deal. Alashe turns down the 45% and counters with 18%. Daymond sweetens the deal, throwing in PitBull as the brand when Mark Cuban jumps back in saying he will go halves with Daymond on this deal. Daymond promises to pay PitBull out of his deal. Daymond drops his equity to 30% with an answer now.

Kevin O'Leary thinks that he has a fascinating business model he has built, but he's sitting at home with the dog by the fireplace, so he is out as well. Kevin comes back in and offers $150,000 for 25%. Robert Herjavec stepped in and said he would partner with Kevin. Kevin O'Leary drops his percentage down to 20% after Daymond goes to 30%.

Barbara Corcoran is the first to go out because she does not understand this lifestyle as she is at home reading a novel, but she says Daymond is out with at least five women every night. Barbara Corcoran jumps in and tells Alashe to go with the people you will have the most fun with, and trust your gut.

Robert Herjavec likes the idea, but this isn't his type of deal because he is at home as well. But, he will go in for $75,000 if Alashe can talk Daymond into giving him the other $75,000

EZ Vip after Shark Tank

Web rumors say Alashe Nelson did not get the cash but did get assistance from PitBull. Supposedly, Alashe had a falling out, and the EZ Vip website is dead. The last post on the Facebook page is from 2016, and nothing else is known.Do you want to know the latest on what is happening in the world of the Sharks, the people, and the companies that appear on Shark Tank? Sign up and when there's breaking news you will know first!