Today is one of those days where a lot of energy went out the door, and it did not feel like I got much done. It feels like I didn't accomplish anything.

I waste a lot of energy on issues that are anxiety driven as well, but today is different in that the stress level did not rise that high. Instead, it seemed to stay steady. I suppose that means that I have a tad more patience working in my favor.

Still, it seems as though there were few wins today, and more busy work, but I wouldn't quite call it that either, as everything today falls into the necessary, but quickly put off category.

Days like today produce little to no immediate reward and are mundane at best. Why write about today?

Be Real, We Do Waste a Lot of Energy on Tasks

Because it is real, we do waste a lot of energy doing tasks that we don't like, but are necessary. It's great to have a positive attitude about everything, all the time, but that's not real. That's why I am writing today's post.

Days like today are an excellent reason to get necessary mundane work out of the way more frequently as opposed to letting it pile up. That way, we have time for other things that are more fulfilling, and less draining.

Even writing this post is causing me to expend a lot of energy in places that I'd rather not go, but it is essential to be real and to share. Maybe it will make the task your doing seem less burdensome, and more purposeful? I hope!

I'm going to spend more time focused on studying God's Word, and try and regain some of the lost energy of today! I might even jump back into reading Job again, a book that seems to put me back on track. I could step out of my box and dive into Proverbs as well. What would you do?