Esso Watches is a company started by Ryan Naylor, a guy who is a search engine marketer and now claims to design Ion watches to help with balance. He's precisely the person that I would want helping me to have better balance because he apparently became an expert while working in Search Engine Marketing!

Ryan attended Utah State University, The John Huntsman entrepreneurial school and now does online recruiting specializing in blue collar jobs, such as the trucking industry. Recruitment work is apparently a better choice for Ryan over pitching Ion watches.

The Shark Tank Pitch:

Season: 3 Episode306
First Run: 2012/2/24
Shark: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Robert Hejavec
Company: Esso Watches
Entrepreneur: Ryan Naylor
Ask: $35k for 20% equity
Deal: None

Esso Watches has sales

Esso Watches generated $120,000 in sales from a $10,000 investment with $70,000 in profits. The problem with the company is there is no proof his products work, and he might even believe that the product works.

Ryan loses credibility with Daymond John claiming that the watches displayed are not designed by Ryan and are from a company that Daymond's business partner. Daymond flat out claims Ryan is lying. Online Marketers or affiliate marketers push stuff like the Ion watch to unsuspecting consumers in the masses.

The company, ESSO watches no longer exists, with the company domain now registered to EXXON Mobil. Why EXXON Mobil wants this domain name is a puzzle as they have no traffic going to the site. Maybe they are planning to get into the Ion watch business? I don't think so.

Sharks on Esso Watches

Ryan has Lori come up and stand on her left leg while pushing down on her right arm. Lori cannot keep her balance. He then asks her to put the watch on and repeat the process. Lori's balance is better wearing the Ion watch, and she notices a difference. The catch is, the placebo effect is likely the reason for Lori's better balance.

Mark Cuban immediately professes the Ion watch is disproven and is a scam. He knows of multiple athletes that have worn this type of item, and they don't work.

Ryan is using search engine marketing techniques to acquire his customer base, something the white label supplement marketers are doing as well.

According to Ryan, the positive Ions are poured into the silicone mold while making the watch. He claims they neutralize the negative Ions before placing in the silicone.

Robert goes out because he doesn't believe any of Ryan's claims so he is out.

Ryan needs to admit that he is doing a scam and Kevin said he would invest. Ryan won't claims this is a scam causing Kevin O'Leary to go out. Lori Greiner focuses on the product liability that puts her at risk, and she goes out.

Ryan Naylor blames Mark Cuban for clouding the water with the other Sharks, causing him not to have a deal.

Sorry, but you don't have a deal because you should not get a deal on the Esso watch. I hope that you are doing better with the recruiting gig.