Can you imagine an artist that kept writing the same song over and over expecting it to sell again and again? Doesn't work that way, yet many people who attempt to be entrepreneurs will do the same thing over and over getting the same result, nothing.

Entrepreneurs are as creative as musicians who write their own material. They know that they too have to write their own material, hoping that they will get a platinum record out of the deal, but realizing from time to time that they are going to have a song that doesn't sell.

Sometimes musicians are able to create a song that hits top of the charts, but anything else that hey produce is easily forgotten about and never sales. We call them one hit wonders and like musicians, these people are found amongst entrepreneurs as well.

One hit wonders fail to re-create themselves, opting instead to stay with the same plan over and over, but getting different results because times change and people change. Nothing stays the same.

Serial entrepreneurs on the other hand are like seasoned musicians that from time to time have a dud, but still pay beautiful music that fans want to come back for more.

While the serial entrepreneur is a rare bird, their strategy is formed through formlessness and is not rigid. It's something that anyone is capable of doing, but few are willing to.

If you're a struggling entrepreneur, you need to define yourself and find a way to re-create yourself and your business idea, much in the way new artists take old songs and make them their own. Simply doing it the way everyone else does won't get you the platinum that you desire.