Recently, I was contacted by Biba, a company that produces a all natural hydration beverage and was asked to try it out. They are a start-up company that has significant sales and are moving to expand their marketplace.

They sent me a case of the beverage so I had my neighbors try a couple of cans and then I drank the rest. Unfortunately, each neighbor only had one can of the drink. They both thought it tasted fine, but are not in the target market that would buy the drink.

My first can was not what I had hoped it would be, but I’m a die-hard Diet Pepsi drinker. The second and subsequent cans began to change my mind. I had acquired a taste for the new drink. So much so, that if it was on the shelves here, packaged similarly and priced competitively to my favorite Pepsi product, I might actually switch after 30 years plus!

When you consider that this is a hydration product, which happens to taste like a traditional drink, I might be switching from Diet Pepsi even faster! The caffeine in Diet Pepsi actually causes the loss of hydration.

I’m including information about the company, written by the company spokesperson for you to learn more about them.

This is a unique entrepreneurial view of what’s happening in their process to becoming an established company. Many of you aren’t this far yet, but hopefully you’ll be inspired and learn something from what they’ve generously share with us.

Responding to the increased trends of consumers demanding healthier beverages, Biba (pronounced ‘BEE-buh') addresses the opportunity that everyone, not just athletes, are looking to their hydration needs. All natural and caffeine free, Biba is the only sparkling ultra-hydration beverage on the market.  In addition to possessing the flavor profile of a conventional soft drink, Biba uses all natural ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes to address everyday dehydration in children, adults and seniors; Biba is a “functional” soft drink with less than a third of the calories!  Our multi-faceted marketing strategy is creating awareness about the many benefits of hydration for all consumers without sacrificing taste.

We are an early stage company with significant traction; available in over 200 retail locations in Greater Boston, Biba is carried by two regional distributors servicing multiple channels, as well as one national distributor servicing over 36,000 retailers nationwide.

We have created significant demand from various top tier retailers and distributors and require capital to support sales and distribution for these accounts.  Biba's retail positioning is ground breaking given it is the first functional soft drink on the market.  Our concept has been validated, now we need to support the sell through on a larger scale.

As you might tell, they are facing growing pains, are moving towards seeking investors and taking the marketing strategy to the next level.

The company has done some things right, they have the product developed and tested, they have a plan and they aren’t talking about a dream. They can demonstrate a deliverable which is huge when seeking investors.

Far too many Entrepreneurs seek money when they don’t have any deliverables. Essentially they are asking for research funding and never get funded.

Take what you can learn from their story and apply it to help your company grow. Stop out and see their website, and try their product. You might even become a customer!