Entrepreneurs are the Job Creators. We are the ones that will make the economy boom, we are the ones that can bring the American Dream back.

It's Entrepreneurial activity through Capitalism that allows us all to have Political Freedom yet many of us have fallen into a trap designed by corrupt Politicians, Union Leaders and Major Corporate Players who are pushing us toward a Socialistic society. They want us to be mad at Capitalism because that gives these people more power. What they don't tell you is that in a socialistic society, all classes except for the most powerful business owners (I.E. Largest Corporations) would not be allowed to own businesses, instead the Government would take ownership.

We, the American people have to wake up and realize that our Entrepreneurial and Capitalistic activities are critical to ensuring that we do not lose our Political Freedoms which takes away our right as individuals to prosper.

Entrepreneurs are the Job Creators

We cannot rely on Government to be solver of our economic problems in our own homes, instead we eliminate the need for Government help and support by Entrepreneurial activities. We need to encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same thing. When we create, we eliminate the need for support from others. It's only when we do nothing that we rely on others.

Big Corporations, Politicians and Union Bosses lose power when we take control of our own destiny. They all need us to need them, it's what feeds their power. It's through Capitalism that we can break free from their bonds, rendering them powerless. We mustn't be fools to allow them to bluff us into our own self-destruction.

Ask any Entrepreneur or small business owner to show where a Big Corporation, a Politician or a Union Leader has helped them to create more jobs? I'll bet you'll be hard pressed to find many, if any at all. Still, we all need to be a part of the Political process because not every politician is looking for power, but most know little about how to really solve our problems and the higher they get, the less likely that they are going to do what is right for us.

Capitalism is why we are able to use the Internet today, why we have Apple, Facebook, Amazon.com and many more companies. It's why you have start-ups in your community that employee hundreds if not thousands of people.

The future is limitless when we embrace our right to use Capitalism to better not only our lives, but those around us. We all have the ability to be an Entrepreneur, we just need to believe that we can solve our own problems, not allowing Corrupt leadership any more power than what they already have.

The first step is believing in yourself, to give yourself a chance at being an Entrepreneur. It is our right and our choice to live the American Dream.