NASCAR drivers have a few entrepreneurs among them, but are many as smart as Landon Cassill? Here’s a kid that gets the gig, he wants to race and he understands the business side better than most. That’s because he’s been well prepped.

Cassill started in NASCAR for a test driver for Hendrick Motor Sports but doesn’t currently have a contract yet he’s been racing this season starting out doing start and stops, a way for underfunded teams to get points while searching for sponsorships.

Drivers don’t usually like doing start and stops, but Cassill knew that if he wanted to be in the big races he had to keep his name in the mix.

He’s done that and had a 12th place finish at Michigan International Speedway. You might think that’s not such a big deal, but considering how small of a team they have; it’s huge that he could be running in the pack.

Now I’m not surprised that Landon is so focused and has made smart business decisions. He comes from Cedar Rapids, where I grew up and live.  His family is full of small business owners that have excellent entrepreneurial skills.

They have taken run down properties and made them into what looks like new car franchise, used car dealerships. They know how to market their products and are hard-working dedicated good people.

They’ve had the same original location for over 30 years in the car business!

The family is incredibly generous as well. They have organized semi loads of supplies to go to Joplin, Missouri and even sent family members down to help out. They did the same during other disasters as well.

Landon Cassill raced Late Model stock cars and won championships before he had a driver’s license. Talk about a kid that deserves to be in a great race car! Keep watching, I’d be willing to bet Landon Cassill will become a serious brand in NASCAR within the next few years.

Here’s to a young entrepreneur, Go Landon Cassill!