Enthusiasm is a tool that every entrepreneur needs to channel. We're known to switch gears extremely fast and switching from pessimistic to enthusiastic should be a cinch for us to do.

The problem lies into getting bogged down into details and overlooking our big picture, causing us to wear out faster than we should, but when we're focused on the big picture entrepreneurs are typically more enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile.

Probably the most defining moment of enthusiasm in my life came in the first 24 hours of having a computer. I launched my very first website back in 1995 and that website has turned into a $50 million dollar a year business. Not bad for a guy that never went to college!

Enthusiasm is contagious and it's what we entrepreneurs use to motivate our team when our business isn't working out like what we want. It's what turns bad situations into great solutions and causes people to believe in themselves.

We don't realize how much energy we spend when we work without enthusiasm. When we dread what we do, we expend excess resources draining our desires and ultimately failing in what we do. Change our attitude and attack what we dread with enthusiasm and watch our outcome change.

Remember, enthusiasm is all in the state of mind, which is what we entrepreneurs master to do what others say can't be done. We're naturally opportunist that must use every tool in our back pocket.

We turn roadblocks into opportunity through our creative ideas and vision generated through enthusiasm for life and success.