Start-Up Entrepreneurs often make huge mistakes when starting out. They show desperation searching for money, and they let their prospect, the potential investors see the stress on their face.

The serial entrepreneur will take a step back and put the entire situation into perspective. He will debate what all the options are including changing the business strategy to make the business less costly to operate. This allows the serial entrepreneur to come from a position of strength as opposed to weakness.

Many Start-Up Entrepreneurs desperately want to be a success, but their insecurity and lack of confidence shows as lack of confidence in their product / service. You have to be able to enthusiastically sell your product / service with confidence.

If you are struggling to get capital, you may benefit from engaging an experienced serial entrepreneur with strengths in marketing and bootstrapping. The Serial entrepreneur often will be less costly then dealing with seasoned investors or venture capital firms.

Serial entrepreneurs have a passion for helping other entrepreneurs, especially first time Start-Up entrepreneurs because they have been there and done that. They know the pain that you have gone through.

The serial entrepreneur will make bold moves on your behalf, knowing how to push the envelope, while providing a fresh experience that will show investors that they are excited about the product.

In many cases, having a serial entrepreneur on board and part of the business will attract the attention of investors that would otherwise not be interested in participating. The added experience will make investors much more comfortable with the program.

Start-Up Entrepreneurs often seek more money and are willing to give up more of their company than they need to give. Working with a serial entrepreneur, before seeking investors allows you to get someone that knows when and where to push the buttons, and how to get you the most upside.

If you're just starting out, seek out serial entrepreneurs for mentors and even business partners. These people have great potential and have felt your pain.