Turning Empire Avenue Missions into Real Money

Empire Avenue is a virtual stock market for your personal brand. It’s a place where you can promote yourself and see how well you are doing. When the personal branding site launched originally, I signed up and had built my price up into the top 50 stocks on the site. As time went on I realized I was investing a bit of time and effort into a project that wasn’t helping me to get a return on that investment so I closed down my account.

Not long after that, Empire Avenue launched a new campaign option called Missions, where people can take part in tasks such as reading a post and then leaving comments, and now watching YouTube videos and then leaving comments and either liking or disliking the video.

Members of Empire Avenue earn more Eaves, which is the virtual currency on the Personal Branding stock market for completing these tasks. Now, I’m able to leverage my presence on Empire Avenue and raise my share price by being active, while engaging people who own my shares in ways that turn into profit for me. That is they come to my websites, help me built my SEO value and maybe even become regular readers on my websites.

As you can tell, I re-launched my Empire Avenue account. When you start over, you don't get the shareholders back, so plan on some time to build the shareholder list. I would be a bit farther had I not closed my account, but the rewards are still great even with the limited audience. I look forward to getting back to over 1,000 shareholders on the site.

My next goal for Empire Avenue is to come up with a strategy that will help me grow the shareholder list faster than I am now. Sure, I’m adding new shareholders daily with the missions submitted, but I want to grow it even faster. I welcome your feedback to help me get this list over the top.