Empire Avenue is a new online Stock Market Game driven by your strength in social media. The better you do in Empire Avenue, the stronger your online brand is. Your brand is what drives your online success and capability of making money online.

If you don’t have a brand built, don’t worry. You just found a great catalyst to create a brand and fast. This is one of the best ways to focus on building your brands foundation.

This game is so much fun, I almost feel guilty to be playing it. Good news though, it’s got me pumped up and focused on taking care of weak links in my social media strategy.  It’s going to help me make more money online.

Empire Avenue creates a stock price based on numerous measurements including:

Every time you create new content in the channels above, you build your value in your stock. It says that your worth more because you’re putting more effort and creating more value. If you write a new blog post, your stock goes up. If you Tweet more, post on Facebook or updated LinkedIn, your building your brand and increasing your value.

The game has serious addiction potential, but this is one addiction that shows opportunity. Done right, and you’re going to increase the amount of money that you are making online.

An example will be tweeting more relevant content which allows you to increase your Klout Score. When this goes up, advertisers pay more attention and you’re more likely to get sponsored tweets at a better rate.

Just last week, Gary Vaynerchuk spoke at Blog World, where he encouraged the audience to get into opportunities early. Be an early adopter and you’ll be more likely to attract more attention than focusing on the sites and people who have already made it big. This is your chance to stand out in the crowd, and quickly develop a unique following.

I’ve not been very good about adopting many social media platforms, such as Flickr, YouTube and Facebook Fan Pages. Empire Avenue shed light on the need for these social media avenues, so I’ve got to end the blog post here. I’m off to get my other channels engaged.

Get on Empire Avenue now and I’ll look at buying some of your stock. Make sure you let me know what your stock sign is.