Do you need help writing an About Me Page? You are not alone. Most people find it impossible to write their own About Me Page. Don't worry; I am here to help you overcome this challenge. We will make a great About Me Page on your website!

Practically anyone writing an About Me Page will start with a blank page and attempt to start writing randomly, but nothing comes to mind. All you see is a blank page leaving you frustrated.

Rest assured, we are going to get words that describe you on your screen, and ultimately create the content that reveals your real personality and talent on the About Me Page.

Use questions found on this page to tell your story. These questions are the basis for the content in the About Me Page.

The About Me Page builds relationships

We are creating the basis of a one-on-one personal relationship with your readers that will make them want to do business with you. They will know who you are, and why they need to work with you before they ever meet you.

In essence, your story is somewhat seductive to their imagination of who you are, letting them get comfortable with believing in and buying from you.

Before you doubt this, think of the people who have the natural ability to draw others into their web. Think of how these naturally talented individuals can get others to do whatever they want when they want. The About Me Page is the opening to creating this type of a relationship.

Use the following questions to create your story. Start by answering the questions. We will come back and put the responses to a story that fits your About Me Page after you have the items completed.

Feel free to be vague if you have reason to keep certain subjects personal or out of public eye. We can work on painting the picture of who you are without actually revealing details.

Remember, the following questions are to help you write the About Me Page. There are some things you will want to either include or exclude depending on the content and subject of your website.

Let's get started going over the questions that will help you come up with the content in your “About Me Page.”

About Me Page Questions

  1.  What is your full name or nickname, whichever you prefer? Start off with telling your audience who you are.
  2. Where did you grow up? What are the places you have called home throughout your life?
  3. Do you have children? Are you married? People love to know about your personal life. Maybe you have a proud parent story, or you are a single parent. Whatever the case, getting a little personal makes you real to your readers.
  4. Did you participate in sports/activities during your school years either in grammar or collegiate level
  5. What is your educational background? Did you attend college or a technical training school? Are you self-taught? What are your areas of interest or study?
  6. How did you come into your area of expertise?
  7. Do you have any professional designations?
  8. Do you belong to any vocational/social organizations?
  9. What are your future goals? Do they include staying in the same field of work?
  10. Do you have any pets?
  11. What kind of hobbies do you have and what do you dream of doing in the future?
  12. Do you volunteer for any organizations or services?
  13. What are you most proud of in your life?
  14. Do you belong to a Church?
  15. Do you have any military background?
  16. What types of jobs have you held in the past? Do they directly relate to what you do today?
  17. How long have you been working in your current role?
  18. What is your title in your current company?

Come back after you complete your list of answers to the questions.

How to take your answers to the “About Me Page” questions and turn them into your page.

Do you want to write the About Me Page in your words, or will you use third party writing?

Most of us will benefit most from writing it in our words, not as if someone else is writing our About Me Page.

Are you one of a small group, or are you the only person featured in the About section of your website? If you are, stick with writing in your words.

Third party writing works best for larger corporate websites and professional firms with several staff members.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose writing one way or the other. Do not mix the third party into a personally written About Me Page. Doing so causes unneeded confusion.

I am happy to assist you in creating the About Me Page. Answer the questions and send me a note, letting me know you need help writing your page. I charge $50 and will deliver a page telling your story, in a complete SEO Optimized format for your website.