The easiest search engine optimization tool has everything you need to write a great blog post and get it done quickly. This SEO product is so good because everything is built into the WordPress control panel.

Simply write a post of 300 words or more, add a link for every 120 words, fill in the custom title with 65 or less characters and write a meta description shorter than 155 characters and then hit the analyze button.

Within seconds, the Scribe Content Optimizer reports back to you telling you how good your post is. You will know what your primary and secondary keywords are. You will also get a set of tags to insert into your post along with the top keywords that will make perfect content for your next post.

That makes ScribeSEO the easiest search engine optimization tool you can use. It's even has a widget for doing Scribe Keyword Research when you aren't sure what the best keywords would be, before you start writing your post!

You won't find an easier search engine optimization tool anywhere. Sure you can get tools that are great, like SEOMOZ, but those tools have a substantial learning curve and most people don't have the time.

Another cool feature suggests other sites, where you can ask for links or share content. It tells you where you will get great link juice. You don't have to go searching for sites, ScribeSEO finds them for you.

Scribe is a subscription model, with several different options, based upon the type of writing frequency you have. It simply works great, all the time.

If you want to work with the easiest search engine optimization tool, perfect for everyone from newbies to experts, get Scribe.