You might have already discovered how Dropbox makes sharing files easy, if you haven't, you've been missing out, I know I was. A friend introduced the new program to me a few months ago, but I didn't realize how valuable it was until recently.

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to replace my five plus year old laptop with a MacBook Pro, which is something I should have done a long time ago. My primary files were left on my desktop, which I built earlier in the year and while it's a great machine, I found myself favoring the MacBook Pro.

I ended up selling my PC to a friend of mine and had to get everything off the machine. I used Dropbox to move my files, but instead of transferring them from one computer to the other, I opted to leave them in Dropbox. I now have my files available wherever I need them and don't need to back them up.

Dropbox keeps my files updated with the current version, no matter what device I'm using and now all my files are available on my Smart Phone as well.

Dropbox is free and gives you 2.5 Gigabyte of space to store files online. I've invited friends and received even more space.

Now, I have a lot of files, so I opted to buy 50 Gigabytes of space giving me plenty of storage for everything but that's more than most people need.

My business partner isĀ in Boston and I'm in Iowa. He has his own Dropbox account and has shared a folder with me. Now we keep our business files in our shared Dropbox folder making it easy to deliver photos, plugins and documents with ease. No more emailing attachments.

I admit, I would love to get a commission promoting Dropbox, but I don't. I like it that much, I'm telling you about it anyway, and think you should try it out. If you do, Dropbox will give you even more space for signing up through me.

Get DropBox here and let me know what you think