Last year, John Chow, one of the top affiliate marketers was kind enough to give me a pass to Affiliate Summit West 2010. That conference was an eye opener because the event (which was hosted in Las Vegas) featured vendors who worked extremely hard to get the attention of all the attendees, not to sell them something, but to get them to represent their products.

Now, I have been to hundreds of conferences and conventions, but never before had I been to one quite like this. The companies went all out to entertain the attendees, having lavish parties in the major suites around Las Vegas.

Even better was the hands on educational tracts that actually gave you serious tools to help you grow your business.

The events started the day before opening day, with private (sort of) invite parties to the day after where affiliate marketers got together to recap the events.

I walked away from that event finding it extremely difficult to believe that we were operating in a bad economy because nobody in the convention acted like they were hurting. In fact, absolutely everyone had a great time.

Affiliate Summit West 2011 is coming up in January 2011 and will be happening at the Wynn Hotel & Casino. I have to tell you that if you have at all thought about Affiliate Marketing as a strategy, either as a publisher or advertiser, you should not take any chances and do whatever you have to do to attend this event!

Just click on Affiliate Summit to get more information. You will be glad you did.