You can't let your past control your future if you expect to be successful going forward. Either way a successful past or a past full of failure will not equal what challenges lie ahead. Your future won't necessarily play out the way you think it will and you have to be ready to adapt to new strategies and directions.

When we focus on our past, we're closing our doors to opportunity. You might think it's wise, you're smarter than the other guy, but if your competition is adapting and you aren't, you're going to get left in the dust. Entrepreneurship isn't an easy choice, it can be darn right frustrating at times but when you discover new angles, you also get a sense of pride that not many people get to experience.

It's hard when you experience failure, even harder when many people are involved. A portion of those people will want you to fail because you failed with them. They don't know how stupid that thought process is because if you succeed, you just might remember them and be willing to be there for them in the future. Still, most people are so short sighted that they can't see right in front of them.

When it comes to your past, you are the person that has to let go of your baggage. You have to move forward. The sooner you do, the faster the past will no longer be a factor in your life and you will be able to uncover new opportunities that lead to future success.

Yes, I really do know what I'm talking about. I have plenty of experience of letting my past control me, and I also have plenty of experience moving forward and creating a new and bright future. It's not easy, but the rewards are worth it. Hunker down and get working on the future. When you take care of where you are going, you'll be able to take care of where you have been soon enough.