Will Donald Trump take on a run for President? Trump is toying with the possibility of moving to Washington and into the White House.

Of course, most journalists think he is playing around trying to get more publicity. What's your take on Donald Trump and the White House? Will he do it?

NOTE: I wrote this article about President-elect Donald Trump in 2011, as he toyed with running for President of the United States. Clearly, he was serious, and did not think that a run in 2012 would result in a win, so he opted out.

Donald Trump Testing Waters for President

Donald Trump is putting himself as far out as ever, which makes me think he is testing the waters. Trump claims he will make an announcement as soon as the Celebrity Apprentice season is over, which is a calculated move to buy more time to make a decision.

So, Donald Trump is stirring the pot, making waves and trying to get potentially sticky issues out on the plate.

Meanwhile, the competition, the politicians are staying quiet so that they avoid a fight they might otherwise not want to have. I cannot imagine engaging in battle with Trump would result in a positive result.

My question for you is, would you vote for Donald Trump? Is that really how you think, or are you just implying you would not vote for Trump, even though you will pull the lever for him in the event he runs?

The bottom line is Mr. Trump would bring a new dynamic to politics, breaking down business as usual, and forcing a new dialogue in Washington. How refreshing a thought!

Look for a Trump Presidency to rock everyone's boat. To break down the status quo, and to force politicians into going against the money that launched their political careers.

Who will be Donald Trump's sacrifice to get Congress in order? Look for it, if he is to become our next President.

Tell me, is it a publicity stunt, or is he seriously going to run for the highest office?