This morning, I received what looks like a scam email entitled “Registered Domain Expiration” from the domain “”

I've never heard of which prompted me to research the company. Turns out, the company is actually Moniker Online Services, a company that has so many IP addresses blocked, that only one other organization has more IP's blocked, according to Spamwiki.

I'm not surprised that is owned by a company like this, given that the email is warning me of a registration expiration and want's me to renew with them at $75 per year, when legitimate domain registrars typically charge less than $20 such a GoDaddy, my preferred domain registrar.

If you're reading this, the last thing you want to do is to use or Moniker Online Services to register a domain. With so many blocked IP's, you don't want to risk having your domain or IP address placed on a blacklist. Companies such as GoDaddy will keep your domain in good standing as long you're using your web address for legit purposes.

The has a notice on the bottom of their email claims it is CAN-SPAM compliant, which is not the case. The company is sending unsolicited misleading email which really appears fraudulent and a scam, at least to me. Worse, domaiurlregis claims that it will take up to four weeks to remove your address, which is totally unacceptable. provides no telephone number, only a Post office box at the bottom of the page and sends you to an unsecured web form, even though they say, process secure payment on the email. I'm not sure that you'll be taken off the list with this company and make sure you have virus protection, and spyware software before clicking on any link from

Companies like are able to get unsuspecting people and businesses to fall for this because the bill for domain names often go to the accounting department, where. Make sure you let you're accounting department know who you have your domain names registered with and stick with a company that has a strong brand such as GoDaddy. That way, the people who pay the bills won't need to question invoices for domain name renewals.