Many people ask the question, “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” but that’s not necessarily the right question. My thought is that you can’t “make” an entrepreneur. You don’t teach someone how to be an entrepreneur, but they don’t necessarily have to be born that way either.

In fact, I believe that anyone has the ability to become an entrepreneur if they simply have enough desire to make it happen. The important ingredient is that the person that has to be willing to and put the effort into become the entrepreneur, if they are made, they are not an entrepreneur, they are a puppet. The person that is trying to “make” the entrepreneur would in reality be the entrepreneur themselves.

If you were to take the conversation to serial entrepreneurs, I would say that they tend to be born with the characteristics of an entrepreneur. In my case, I was not influenced by family members to be an entrepreneur, even though my grandfather and his father were in fact, entrepreneurs. I didn’t have many years with my grandfather before he was killed in a car accident and therefore I lost the entrepreneur in the family who would have influenced me to become an entrepreneur.

So, the correct question would be, “Are you born an entrepreneur or do you evolve into becoming an entrepreneur?” I would say a little of both, unless you are a serial entrepreneur, and in that case you always came with a tendency to become an entrepreneur.

Remember, entrepreneurship is about having a burning desire or passion for what you are doing in your life. It is about putting yourself out there and taking risks, hopefully calculated risks to make your business dreams come true.