Do whatever it takes to get it done! It will pay off  like it did for me in 1995 I bought my first computer with the intention of creating a new business. My now ex-wife talked me into connecting to the Internet. I started building my first website on a Friday night at around 7PM.

I went to bed the next night at 7PM after working 24 hours straight on that website. I continued to build out content for the next two years by myself.  I worked practically non-stop on it.

It was a highly fragmented niche marketplace and it was attracting industry attention. I took a call from what turned out to be my first advertiser and I was finally making money on the site.  It wasn’t a whole lot, but it allowed me to spend even more time on it.

Word got around that I was building this site when an investment banker approached me to discuss the idea of taking it to the next level. I listened to his pitch on a Friday morning.  He went on for a couple of hours showing me how we could make incredible money with it.

My car was sitting outside at a meter that had no time on it. I didn’t even have change, so I knew the parking tickets were piling up.

He got to the end of the presentation and I knew what I was going to do, but still he told me to go home and think about it. I was floored with the possibilities. I couldn’t believe that this business had that much opportunity and here I had created the foundation out of pure passion.

I left his office and headed to get my mound of parking tickets. As I walked out I couldn’t believe it. I had no parking tickets at all! It was a great day in my life.

The following Monday I contacted him and said I wanted to do the deal. What an incredible experience!

What started out as a website based 100% on my passion now is a $50,000,000/year business. It is a great employer in the community and continues to grow worldwide. To think, if I had not spent all that time working on that site, all those jobs would have never been created.

I had the guts to go forward when most people wouldn’t. It changed my life and hundreds of others.

I did whatever it took to get the job done and you can too!