Wow, what a difference a few months makes when you are focused on changing your life for the better. What's changed? Well, my attitude and self-confidence. I found it by developing my faith.

Keep in mind, I have always believed in God, and I do believe God, but that is hard when you struggle to have faith in yourself.

That's changed starting when I read the Bible cover-to-cover but continues to develop after finding the right Church full of people who are believers. I joined a Bible study and a life group.

Now, I'm incorporating my walk with Christ into everything I do, and am finally feeling happiness. It's great to have a smile on my face, and to joke around with my loved ones. I have a positive view instead of the negative vibe that haunted me for so many years.

A new blog – What a Difference!

I even partnered in another blog, #GodinMe.Faith, a site that launched on December 28, 2016. I just published the 100th blog post on the site today.

So, why am I sharing this post on my personal blog, when I have #GodinMe.Faith?

Several years ago, I wrote a post on Christianity, and one of my readers said they weren't going to patronize my blog anymore, and I didn't have a write to publicize my faith on my blog. Can you believe it? Pretty ridiculous.

So, I thought I would go ahead and publish my faith on my personal blog so that my readers know what I believe. If you want to leave because of my faith, please do so, but know that you are always welcome back.

Am I going to write about faith on this blog in every post? Probably not, but if I see the opportunity to share, I am sharing. What's inside of me is kind of cool, and if I can help others get it, I am ready and willing to share.

So, I hope you like the post, and want to come back for more!