Defining your blog the way you want is critical to your success. Controversial subjects are often better than subjects that appease to everyone.

A blog is defined by what you think. It's opinion and it's meant to evoke emotion. You might find this hard to believe, but it's good to have readers leave because they don't like what you say. That means that your creating controversy and controversy is engaging.

"Define Your Blog" Kirk Taylor

Yesterday, I had a reader unsubscribe. They were a fairly new reader, and they had to announce that they were unsubscribing. I'm glad they did, they let me know that I”m headed in the right direction with this blog.

In fact, I've decided that I”m going to become even more vocal than I have in the past. I haven't been doing a good enough job having subscribers leave.

Jack Welsh always looked to remove the bottom 10% of his organization. It made the rest of his organization better, nobody wanted to be in the bottom 10%. If you have everybody doing a better job, you're results are going to be outstanding and they were.

What if I planned to lose 10% of my readership every month? I could get rid of 10% of all readers that added no value. People that never bought anything from any of my vendors, reducing my expenses. More importantly, what kind of reaction would I get from readers that stayed?

I would get more buy-in because If I'm offending at least 10% of my readers, I'm relating to that much more, who will stick around to see what I might say next.

Why not define your blog? Why not define my blog? After all, I don't want to satisfy everyone, I want to engage like minded people that want to go where I'm going. I want to improve my business and my life.

Buckle up, get ready, bring on the controversial topics. It's time to define my blog!