The debt ceiling increase is a fictitious way to make the American people feel better about the economic condition of the country, but in reality it only serves to make the economy worse when you look at the big picture. The politicians are in need of being served up some Dave Ramsey style budgeting to get this whole thing under control.

Unfortunately, very smart people don't get how much damage is done when the debt ceiling is increased. Everybody is emotional when it comes to money and finances, the one place we all need to be logical. Instead, the focus is on borrowing more money by raising the debt ceiling!  To think that's going to solve the debt ceiling?????

Some people are wanting a world currency thinking that will solve the problem, but that only ensures the entire world will end up in ciaos. We can't even solve our own budget problems and the answers not adding a bunch of other people with the same issues.

At some point we have to realize that we need to help ourselves to become better people and quit relying on everyone else to solve our problems. Not raising the debt ceiling forces politicians to look at new ways to solve problems.

As I got involved with politics on a local level, I quickly realized that neither party has the best interest of the country in mind, they only have their agendas in mind. It's as though we have the two biggest unions in the world sparing with each other to get what they want.

If we are truly to be successful, we have to get leaders who motivate people to prosper on their own, to better their lives by doing more and taking responsibility for themselves. No longer should we be looking to others to solve our problems but we should be addressing our own personal failures and instead overcoming them to create internal successes.

Our lives should not be about one upping the other guy, but having the best life we can. It's infectious when we have the right messengers spreading it, so where are those right messengers? They can' come from within Government, they have to be an external source where their ideas are not debated but embraced.

If we seriously want to avoid a debt ceiling increase, we need to quit looking to Government to solve our problems. We need to take the power away from them by becoming more self-reliant. We can become more responsible with our own money, create new ways to generate income that keeps us personally from needing to borrow money and refuse to let the Government give us hand outs.

Ask yourself what you can do to gain more control over your life and rely less on others for your success. It will be good for you, your family, your community and the country with each step you take.