What do you care, you’re making less than 250k a year. Let the rich people pay the taxes right? WRONG!

The unintended consequences of raising taxes on people making over 250k a year is about to show its ugly face. While our politicians listen to investment bankers and big business, once again they fail to understand where investment capital comes from for small business.

When you raise taxes on somebody making over 250k to 1 million a year, you are taking the risk capital that would normally be going to small start-ups and businesses needing seed capital and turning it money paid directly to the government.

That is money that would be used to save jobs from being lost and companies either not starting or failing due to insufficient capital.

Think your company is too big for that to happen? A small business that survives on this type of capital can have hundreds of employees, and trust me, you don’t want to be one of the people that lose your job, let alone be the President having to tell your employees that you couldn’t get the funding necessary. I personally have had to do that, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

It is extremely important that you contact your Congressperson and express your thoughts on this. We don’t want to face the unintended consequences of another huge mistake our country is about to make.

When you contact them, let them know you work for a small business or operate one as an entrepreneur. Tell them that you want to be able to have access to private Angel Investors and you can’t afford to have the risk capital be taken out of the economy.

This is a serious issue; every business started as a small business and grew from there. Without new start-ups the road to recovery is dismal.