Are you concerned about critical WordPress updates including the WordPress core, your theme, and plugins? You should be as updates are happening as frequently as every day. Your WordPress website is probably at risk because and has not been updated for some time.

Web sites that are running outdated versions of the software are open portals for potential hackers and need WordPress Updates. They might change your content, post comment spam, or even worse, change the contact forms and redirect your potential clients.

You might be at risk for shareware or a virus injected into your site to spread to your reader's machines. Having the most current version of the WordPress core, theme and plugins substantially reduces the risk of exposure.

Not only are hackers a vulnerability, but updates in browsers and computer technology could cause your site to crash in certain browsers.

WordPress Updates of the core, theme, and plugins keep your site up

Software conflicts are another potential issue that could cause your site to go down indefinitely, and if you are monitoring the site you would never know it is down!

Updates to the WordPress core, themes, and plugins happen to protect your site from getting hacked as well as offering new features and functions to your site.

An interesting fact is WordPress began 2016 with the 4.4 release. It ended 2016 with the 4.7 release. So far, there are five updates to WordPress 4.7 this year, taking it to 4.7.5 and that is just for the core of WordPress.

Themes also frequently update while Plugins are updated almost daily. Make sure you are updating your site, or consider using a specialist to update the WordPress core, theme, and plugins on your site for you. You'll end up with better performance and results for your website.

I offer an update service that I manage to help you keep your site running efficiently and safely. My service includes installing a security plugin and 24/7 monitoring to keep your site active. Check out the service here, and sign up to keep your investment safe.