Start-Up entrepreneurs are quick to focus on pushing their product or service, but often ignore marketing themselves to their customers, vendors, investors and just about anyone that has any influence on their business.

The thought goes something like this, “I've got such a great product/service that I don't have to market myself, in fact, my product/service will even make up for my short comings!”

The reality is that until you have earned the respect of those around you, it doesn't matter how great your product/service is. The buy-in has to focus on you and your ability to execute, otherwise, everyone else will keep on doing what they have been doing, and you're not going to end up in a good spot.

It's time to learn how to market you, and get your name on the map. You need to develop celebrity factor in your inner circle where the influences are that can make or break your opportunity.

Any good CEO/entrepreneur knows that publicity is a necessary evil to becoming successful. The good news is that it is a lot easier to make yourself visible than you think!

Registering “”

A major step towards creating your brand is grabbing “” and setting up your own personal blog/website. There is the possibility that “” will already be taken by someone else. If that is the case, try some variations to see if you can come up with a combination that works.

GoDaddy is my preferred vendor for Registrars, but not web hosting. They will ask you if you want to add additional services, such as web hosting and premium email products. Bypass those products and just register your domain at this point. We are going to setup hosting services with a different company that provides premium services and quality.

The one add-on that I get is private registration which keeps my contact information including my email address from being skimmed and spammed. It's not necessary, but has proven to be worth it for me.

Click on the GoDaddy link and get your own domain now