Would you like to create your own business right now? Start making money this weekend! You can utilize free tools to market your goods, and best of all, you don't need money to buy the stuff you are going to sell.

The easiest way to create your business right now is to hit up garage sales bringing along your smartphone and researching values online. Invest a few bucks and turn the items around by listing them on Craigslist, or in the Facebook Marketplace. Many other avenues exist as well to help you sell unique things that will bring a nice profit.

Quit dreaming and get started selling online! If you don't have any money, Gary Vaynerchuk recommends hitting up Craigslist and search the FREE category. There will be things you can pick up and list them for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Friends, family, and neighbors will search you out once they realize you are good at selling things online.

People who are moving have items that they need to sell and will appreciate your help selling them.

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Consider putting a flier on their door when you see a house pop up for sale. Sometimes they even need to declutter and will become a quick client.

Create Your Own Business and Make Money Right Now

The bottom line is anyone can make money and create their own business selling other people's stuff. The resale shops have used this model offline, so it is your opportunity to go online and earn a nice living.

Don't want to create your own business right now, but you have some things you want to sell near me? That's great, I'll sell your stuff for you and we both profit from our effort!

Price your items reasonably so the will attract attention and sell fast, you don't want to hang on to them any longer than necessary. The key is to get them sold so that you are generating positive cash flow you can put in your pocket.

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