Ampere Motors is a division of CoolPeds, a company that creates electric scooters and even an electronic carry-on bag that doubles as a scooter. But, the attraction is their new electric three-wheeled car that costs $9900. Will the Shark Tank investors bite on this deal?

If any Shark is in on this deal, it is Robert Herjavec, but I have a feeling that no deal is going to happen in this Season 9 pitch. Their websites are cumbersome, and the Coolpeds site is horrible.

Feedback from customers who purchased the scooters say their product is cool, but the delivery is not so good. Packaging is poor.

Coolpeds Ampere Motors come with a one-hundred-mile battery range

The Ampere motor car comes with a one-hundred-mile range battery, with the option to upgrade to the one-hundred-fifty-mile range. The other option is to have a hard top for your vehicle.

Will the Sharks ask for a package deal on all Ampere Motorcar and Coolpeds products? There are too many products offered, similar to other electric motorized enthusiasts companies. Establishing a stronger focus, and paying attention to their marketing is needed.

So, what products are the entrepreneurs/inventors pitching? Is it the Ampere motorcar, or the Coolpeds, motorized carry-on suitcase or the scooters?

You can place a deposit on the Ampere car for $200, with a test drive event starting sometime in 2018.

The Ampere car looks cool, and at $9900, it is sure to attract interest, but the practicality of the car is lacking. An optional roof will provide some protection from the elements, but this car is more of a warm weather climate vehicle. The acceleration speed isn't that great at 0-60MPH in seven seconds.

I also find it ironic that they shot the promotional photo of the Ampere motorcar parked on the street directly in front of a fire hydrant. You would think they would have picked a different spot, or at least photoshopped the fire hydrant out of the photo.

You can buy their scooters on Amazon, but not the motorized Carry-on or the car. The company website is taking $200 deposits for the car.

Company: Coolpeds
Entrepreneurs: Tony Chan
Ask: $k for % equity
From: Los Angeles, California
Season: Season 9 Episode 923
Sharks: Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban
First Aired: 2/18/2018

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Coolpeds Ampere Motors

Robert Herjavec

Barbara Corcoran

Kevin O'Leary

Coolpeds - Ampere Motors - Shark Tank

Lori Greiner

Mark Cuban

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