First up for “Cool Tweeps on Twitter” is Amy D Howell, CEO of Howell Marketing, LLC a PR and marketing firm in Memphis, TN.

The reason I picked Amy is due to her ability to write tweets that are welcoming to all, and have a strong message delivered providing value. Amy is always willing to discuss her thoughts and she has been right on target.

Amy is also very generous to her fellow tweeps, giving them acknowledgements through re-tweets (RT), something that tweeps do when they appreciate a message belonging to someone else.

Amy understands what it takes to build credibility on Twitter, having done so and being placed on several influential lists by Twitter users.

Amy also has a blog that she regularly keeps up to date with what interests here at

Amy has a very clear delivery method to her posts, guaranteeing that you will surely learn something from what she has to say. She understands that the best way to establish a strong relationship and trust is to give more than you get paid to do.

Amy is well versed in marketing strategies, and even more importantly the legalities behind each strategy, which is extremely important in the volatile actions that are being taken with regulation.

Amy was recently featured in Huffington Post as one of 16 influential people on Twitter. Of course, the article had nothing to do with politics, so if you are a strong conservative, or a tea party activist, don’t hold it against Amy… J

Amy is married and has children as well as serves on several boards in the Memphis area. If your serious about marketing with Twitter, you definitely want to check Amy out, and be sure to send her a message saying hi. You can reach Amy at @howellmarketing.