There's not one person that can stop what's in your imagination. You're in complete control at all times, no matter where you are or what the circumstances are. You're visions are only able to be stopped internally by your own wishes.

You have the ability to decide to use your imagination, to start your dream and determine what will happen in that dream. I've even got to the point I've controlled my dream while sleeping. It's a difficult place to get to but is such an incredible rush; I would highly recommend working on accomplishing this task.

Some people fight their imagination, instead working to stay in reality thinking that their ideas will cause them harm, but when harnessed your imagination will provide a new sense of joy that has been missing.

When I first started flying I would close my eyes and engage my imagination so that I would feel comfortable, no awakening to reality until the plane had landed on the ground. After time went by I now enjoy flying because I've associated a positive experience with the act of traveling via airline.

If you have time to burn close your eyes and engage in your own virtual reality, the one that allows you to create whatever comes to your mind. As soon as you can, write down what comes to you through your imagination so that you might continue working on that vision with the goal of making your dreams a new reality in your life.

Just think of the power of our imagination!