Where's your content optimization strategy? Is it working for both eyes and search engines? Readers will leave if they can't understand your message and search engines won't get them to your blog without the right keywords.

If you question your content optimization solution, Scribe SEO will help you figure it out. Simple to use, perfect for small to medium-sized business. I love using it and its like having an SEO expert on my staff without the cost.

Easier Reading

Content Optimization best works when both search engines and readers can easily understand your material. Scribe makes blog posts easier to read. You've got a coach telling you where to put the keywords for both search and readers. Just push a button and get report, telling you what you need to improve your post.

With Scribe's Content Optimization, you know what you need to change and where to change it. Posts are easier to read and keywords are strategically placed, giving your articles a natural flow.

Link Building

With Scribe, you don't have to search for sites to get links. It finds them for you in the control panel. All you have to do is ask for a link from one of the many sites that will give you link juice that's relevant to your blog.

Related Keywords

Scribe Content Optimization tool is perfect when you need to find keywords that relate to the flow of your blog. Run the Content Optimizer to get a list of keywords that relate to your primary keywords for your post.  Now, you're setup for the next post. It builds on your niche.

Easy To Use

Scribe is likely the easiest SEO tool available. Designed to plugin to WordPress, it's ideal with Genesis Themes.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and custom sights.

Plugins exist for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with a web interface available for other platforms. Subscribe monthly and you've got a tool that helps you build great content.


Creating SEO and reader friendly blog posts is affordable with low monthly subscription rates focused on your usage level.

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