In what appears to be genuinely sincere apology, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has come out and apologized for lying and sending obscene photo’s to women that he assumes but cannot confirm are of age.

Congressman Weiner states that he is not resigning in light of the admission. He states that he does not see any violations of law or rules when it addresses his duties as a public representative.

He states that he had developed online relationships with the women in question that he contacted only online and not in person. He stated that he has never met any of the people involved.

He states that he came forward because of the attention attracted to the woman that was identified in this situation.

He also states that at no time did anyone either himself or his staff attempt to cover up this incident. He states that his staff had no information as he kept them in the dark as well.

Congressmen Weiner continually states that the women are not young (underage).

The Congressman continually choked up when asked about his wife and how he has dealt with this. At this point it appears they are not going to be splitting up and will work through this situation.

In all seriousness, I’m not going to rail on him. He admitted it and I respect this, even though he’s been forced to do so.

I would imagine that he will be brought up on house ethics violations. I’m sure there has to be something about disgracing the office and not being able to trust the congressman going forward that is if you trusted him before this.

At the very least, I think we’re going to see a kinder Anthony Weiner going forward as he’s going to have an extremely difficult time carrying on as he usually does.