It's not as difficult as you may think. You can create compelling content. Authority on a niche subject isn't necessary when you start, but you must work to become the authority as quickly as possible.

If you have the right tools, and ready to learn everything you can about your subject, you will become the recognized authority before you realize you are the authority. That happens when people recognize your efforts which is your goal when becoming a blogger.

Don't worry if you don't have ability to do all responsibilities. Just find someone who has strengths where your weaknesses are. I did that with Rob Merlino. I asked him to join me in developing The Shark Tank. I knew if I wanted this to grow, I would need someone capable who had strengths where I had weaknesses. We're doing great and in less than ninety days we've become authorities on The Shark Tank TV Show.

We already have more solid content than almost all the other blogs put together and our readers like what we write. They know they are getting more than a simple recap. They are getting perspective.

Now, some people have great content but lack the proper resources and foundation. Others put so much effort into foundation that they totally neglect the content. We started with tools like Studio Press Templates and ScribeSEO installed. Now were adding tracking tools like LinkTrackr.

You might think that this is a major investment, but it's rather low-cost. Actually, it's led to us being profitable in just the second month. Not many businesses can say that.

Keep reading and I'll be sharing the tools and the strategies that we're successfully building our business with. I won't hide it like some people do in the industry. I'm not worried about competition, actually competition is good. It makes us work harder and smarter!