Clean Bottle is Dave Mayer's invention that he pitched on Shark Tank in Season 3. His company launched in 2011 and generated over $750,000 in sales coming into Shark Tank. Clean Bottle unscrews at both ends making it convenient to keep clean. Something Sports enthusiasts love and need.

Mayer's marketing strategy for Clean Bottle includes a giant mascot dressed as the water bottle. His mascot Clean Bottle - Shark Tankjogged alongside the Tour De France race, attracting considerable attention and big laughs from the Sharks. Little did they know, NBA champion Bill Walton joined Dave Mayer in Shark Tank as the mascot!

Bill Walton is the Clean Bottle Mascot on Shark Tank

Bill Walton is a fan, and a user of Clean Bottle and Barbara Corcoran didn't know who he is when he revealed himself.

Clean Bottle sold over 150,000 units at $5 each. In the previous twelve months, he made $118,000 which goes to tooling and a salary to support Dave's family.

Company: Clean Bottle
Entrepreneur: Dave Mayer, Guest Entrepreneur Bill Walton
Ask: $60,000 for 5% equity
Season: Season 3 Episode 301
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec.
First Aired: 1/20/2012
Deal: Mark Cuban $60,000 for 8%

Clean Bottle is the worlds only bottle that unscrews from the bottom as well as the top. Double openings make cleaning the bottle extremely easy and eliminate mold and mildew. You will always have a clean bottle.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Clean Bottle

Mark Cuban makes his initial offer of $60,000 for 8% of the company, only to have Dave attempt to negotiate a deal at 6%. Mark Does not budge, and Dave comes back at 7%, with Mark holding steady. Dave decides to take Mark Cuban's deal at 8%.

Daymond John loves the product and offers $60,000 for 25% equity. Daymond John goes out when Mark Cuban offers $60,000 for eight percent.

Kevin O'Leary offers one-hundred-thousand dollars without an equity position, but a $.50 royalty forever. He rejects Kevin's offer because he wants to siphon off cash from the company.

Barbara Corcoran thinks that offering only five percent of the company is unacceptable for a deal, but Dave asks her if she would have grabbed five percent of Facebook? Barbara goes out when she hears Mark Cuban's offer of sixty-thousand dollars for eight percent.

Robert Herjavec makes an offer of sixty-thousand dollars for 10% equity but drops his to 5% after hearing Mark Cuban's offer at 8% equity. Robert has made the exact offer that Dave Mayer wants for his company, but Dave is focusing on Mark Cuban.

Clean Bottle after Shark Tank

Clean Bottle is in over five-thousand retail stores as well as on Amazon! They offer different styles of bottles depending on your needs and will do your custom logos on the bottle.

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