Last weekend we as a community moved dirt and sand to shore up over 10 miles of exposure from a dangerous flood. The Weather Channel reporters said they have never before seen such an event happen in a community facing an impending disaster as we were about to experience.

The result, we had our lives disrupted for a week, and most of us are going to go back to work as normal next week, but what are we able to learn from the results of our quick success?

We had no time to write a business plan, to come up with financing, to know where and when we would have a chance to eat, and yet we performed an extremely fast and efficient operation.

Fear was not an option, failure was not an option, we believed we could beat the river, and we won. More importantly, we put backup protection in place.

Shoring up our Daily Life

Yes, we had a backup plan shoring up homes and businesses, removing contents, and sandbagging around structures. Never before have we been so prepared by implementing an action plan created in a matter of hours. We created what is a real miracle, but why can't we put this kind of activity into our daily lives?

The answer is, we can, and we should. Just think if we moved fear and negative thoughts out of our path, we will find ourselves with results that are far different from those in our past.

We can change the flow of our daily life to get the kind of results we achieved this weekend. We just need to give each day the same kind of focus that we put into conquering the Cedar River.

Just think about it for a moment. If we spent our time attempting to succeed and are willing to risk failure, what do you think will happen?

We worked without a thought of failing, without a thought of why shoring up the community would not work, and we achieved incredible success as a community. Why not apply that same drive and dedication to what we do every single day? Why walk away from a big lesson we have all learned through this experience?

My goal is to apply what I've learned this weekend to every waking moment of the rest of my life. I am ready to have this kind of success in everything I do on a daily basis.

Fear is not an option!