It's cell phone replacement time! I've got too many problems with my Samsung SPH-900. The phone was upgraded just over a year ago, and I still am under contract with Sprint.

I have difficulty disconnecting calls. The unit locks up without notice almost daily. I have to pull the back cover off and remove the battery and then reboot.

The tabs on the cover have worn off and no longer keep the cover on. It falls off at the most inconvenient times.

The entire screen flickers when I have an incoming call. I have to wait until it is solid on before I can answer the call. If I don’t, I can’t answer the call forcing me to wait and return the call after it disconnects.

I’m looking for the most reliable phone on the market, with the best camera in the phone. I want something that will allow me to get good photos that can be used on my blog (if there is a camera phone that’s good enough).

I do like the droid applications on the phone. Some of the features I use are apps for Microsoft Exchange, the weather channel, a twitter app and GPS, which is the best it has ever been.

The keyboard is important to me. I really like having the largest keyboard possible. The momentum featured the best keyboard I’ve ever had on a phone.

The large screen has been beneficial when browsing the web. I really want to keep the large screen, so keep this in mind when recommending phones.

I’m planning on using social media even more on the new phone. I will also be using the GPS Navigation as I’m planning trips that will take me to unknown places.

Ultimately, the next phone I get needs to last me two years. I don’t like changing them out quick, and I don’t need the newest model on the market. I need the best, most reliable model.

Is there are phone that works great and gets the job done?