Shower Pill is the answer when you don't have a shower available. Wendell Hunter, Wale Forrester, and Justin Forsett teamed up creating wipes for those times when a shower is not possible. They are bringing their product to Shark Tank on January 28, 2018, seeking an investment from the Sharks.

Shower Pill starts as a joke

The three partners found themselves sweating throughout the day as they attended Berkeley. Going back to catch a shower multiple times a day isn't an option, but hygiene is essential wanting to avoid body odor, and even sweat related infections.

Season: 9 Episode 918
First Run: 2018/1/28
Shark: Alex Rodriguez, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
Company: Shower Pill
Entrepreneurs: Wendell Hunter, Wale Forrester, Justin Forsett

The name, Shower Pill is a joke, meaning that anyone who skips a shower is taking a “shower pill,” so what is a joke now solves a problem.

Wendell, Wale, and Justin put their brainpower together and went to work to solve this problem for Shower Pill Body Wipe Packageathletes everywhere. They built a team of professional athletes who served as their test market and ended up with a “prominent team” of investors.

Fast forward, and they are focused on athletes at any level, from the soccer mom to the triathlete who runs over lunch while at work.

They are currently selling their product online, with a ten pack box at $9.99 to a bucket of 250 wipes for $199.99. Get a subscription through their website and get a 20% discount. Another option is ordering through Amazon prime, having it delivered in two days, with free shipping.

These body wipes claim to kill 99.9% of germs while moisturizing without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Are you ready to get clean, while feeling fresh or do you want to continue to have body odor follow you everywhere you go?

How does Shower Pill look for the Sharks?

The website is professionally done, looks great. Shower Pill is marketing on social media, and are working with a great brand name for athletes. Shower Pill solves a stinky problem for athletes everywhere.

The evaluation is the deciding factor on this deal, given that all of the Sharks are athletic and will find this deal interesting.