Do you need reading glasses? Let me help you with a few tips on how to buy reading glasses. They are cheap, but getting the right pair will save you a ton of frustration.

Reading glasses run between $9-35 in the box and drug stores. The most common brand is Foster Grant.

The lowest priced reading glasses do not last. They are uncomfortable, as the nose holders are hard plastic with rough edges. The arms of the glasses will easily break off. The plastic lens fogs easily, and is difficult to get clean. Don't waste your money on the lowest cost glasses.

Go for at least the $19 models. They have a better lens, have a better finish, and come with a softer nose pad. The plastic lens is easier to clean, but not the best.

The $35 Foster Grants are called 3-in-1 glasses. 3-in-1 glasses have a position for reading books, using your computer and looking up across the room. They have a better lens that doesn't fog easily and clean up nicely. They also come with a nicer eyeglass case.

The downside to the 3-in-1 glasses is they have Henry Ford colors. You can have any color frame you want as long as you pick black! At least, I haven't seen them in any other style accept one.

Reading Glasses need maintenance

All glasses of this type tend to have the screws come loose, so buy an eyeglass repair kit to keep your screws tight.

Chances are, you will leave your readers, as I have multiple times, which means you will be buying them often. You could always get a strap or chord that goes around your kneck. I admit I don't do that, and probably should.

Of course, Amazon is always an option if you know the magnification and don't need them immediately. Prime memberships will get your reading glasses delivered within two days. Amazon broadens the selection of reading glasses as well.

Amazon's selection of reading glasses feature sunshades, foldable glasses, and even special blue filter glasses for wearing when working on your computer.

Obviously, you can try them on, but Amazon has a great return policy.

I hope this post helps you select a pair of reading glasses that work for you!