Brush Hero is a cool tool that I would have loved to use back in my motorhead days. They pitched Shark Tank and have their episode playing on January 21, 2018. My bet is that they did not get a deal, but not because of their product. They made a blog post that implied they hope they look smart on the show, but are concerned about potential editing by the producers.

Brush Hero by Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer created The Brush Hero which does not require electricity, and will clean without soap, however you may use soap without worry. The cleaning product is patented and welcomes distributors and retail inquiries for their business. The cleaner is 100% water powered.

Season: 9 Episode 917
First Run: 2018/1/21
Shark: Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John
Company: Brush Hero
Entrepreneurs: Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer
Ask: $k for % equity

Unlike other products, Brush Hero does not spin fast, so it doesn't make a big mess. It spins to clean. Brush Hero CleanerThe black brush heads have soft bristles, while the white brush heads have stiffer bristles.

I would use Brush Hero on wheels, but several friends would use it on their fat tire bikes. The cleaning tool saves time and money cleaning. The website shows people use the cleaning brush on boots and other items.

Soap Star is an attachment that Brush Hero uses and includes a free sample of Muck Buster, a cleaner. It adjusts the soap using just enough. The sprayer uses seven different patterns.

The company has more than just the brush, they have additional accessories, extra brushes in different sizes, and suds and sprays.

I will write more after the show, and we will see if the company gets a deal on Shark Tank.